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Global Health Jobs

The International Geneva Global Health Platform offers an overview of openings available in the main global health organisations of International Geneva. This list is non-exhaustive and we invite you to go directly to organisations' and partners’ websites for more information on jobs listed below.


Directories of Global Health Actors

Geneva plays an important role in health policy development with many actors operating from the Swiss city on international diplomacy and humanitarian affairs. The Platform offers a common space between Swiss academia and International Geneva organisations, enabling Switzerland, and in particular Geneva, to play a leading role in shaping global health policy making.

The Directories of both Swiss and Geneva Global Health Actors bring together a list of over 100 organisations actively engaged in global health, serving as practical maps that foster cooperation and facilitate networking among the different stakeholders.

These Directories of Swiss and Geneva-based global health actors are updated regularly and we welcome your comments, feedback and corrections. If you know of an organisation that is missing from our maps, please let us know through our Contact page.

Annual Reports

Annual Report

Hosted by the Global Health Centre (GHC), Geneva Graduate Institute, the International Geneva Global Health Platform publishes its annual report as part of the GHC Annual Report.
For more information, go to the GHC website.

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